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About AirTube Technologies


To be the best and pre eminent customer focused provider of pneumatic conveyor and cash management solutions to our chosen markets.

The Company

The company was first formed in 1982 as Air Tube Conveyors Ltd and was acquired by AirTube Technologies Limited. It has since grown to be a leader in the research and development, manufacture, and installation of pneumatic conveying systems, specialist cash management solutions, rising security screens and asset protection. All are supported in the UK by a rapid response national service network.

AirTube’s pneumatic conveying systems are recognised for providing creative solutions which precisely meet the needs of customers whose commercial activities call either for the secure conveying of cash, documentation, samples and other products, or staff security in potentially sensitive areas, or both.

Over 7,000 pneumatic conveying systems have been installed and serviced for various retailers, manufacturers, financial institutions and healthcare providers. There are a number of factors behind AirTube's dynamic success. It's purpose-built facility puts the latest, leading-edge technology at the disposal of all personnel. AirTube's own highly skilled workforce is responsible for all aspects of production, from development to installation and service of the products and software, which allows for close quality control.

Add to these points AirTube's commitment to working closely with the customer and the end result is an ability to totally understand and satisfy customer budget, schedule and application requirements.

AirTube recognises that, as the UK market leader, it has a responsibility to pioneer new and more sophisticated technology. This drive and commitment is making a huge impact, with growing demand for AirTube's products in markets in the UK, Europe and the Rest of the World.

With the most extensive and advanced product range in the industry and experienced personnel, we are uniquely placed to provide the most comprehensive service.

Please telephone or email our sales engineers to assist you in determining the best design or specification to sussit your particular needs. email: