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Airtube technology for cash movement and banks

AirTube Technology for Banks and Financial Institutions

Today's bank branches are keen to receive customers in a welcoming, friendly and open environment. In many cases a lobby or self-service area is accessible to the customer performing certain transactions at any time of day. Unfortunately Automatic Cash Dispensers also attract criminals. In order to avoid this kind of attention it makes good sense to remove the temptation.

This is precisely the objective of the AirTube CashNetTM system, which is designed to forward the exact amount of money requested to any teller or ATM in the lobby or 'through-the-wall'. In addition it allows the teller to despatch to the back office any deposits received, in order to avoid any cash in the open customer area.

Profitability and safety are improved by CashNet as well as our traditional offering to transfer monies to safe ATM rooms, thereby doing away with corridors of expensive 'dead' space.

'Drive up teller window'

This is located outside of the bank. Video camera and intercoms create visual and audio contact between the teller and customer. The pneumatic tube system transports cash, receipts, bank statements and documents. The result is fast and personal. The customer doesn't even need to leave his car. This solution could also be used outside of normal banking hours.