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Healthcare - Pneumatic AirTube Systems and UK sole distributor for Sumetzberger

While doctors and nursing staff are dedicated to looking after the patients the tube system installed within a hospital is dedicated to the transport of documents, samples and medicines throughout the hospital. The system not only saves time but also space: laboratories can centralised and stocks in the decentralised medicine stores can be reduced. Furthermore, the air tube system helps increase efficiency and customer service as staff are able to focus on their core roles of patient care.

Air tube systems have to fulfil high demands and are becoming increasingly prominent in the capital plans of hospitals and other healthcare establishments as a cost effective method of improving the quality of service to patients. AirTube Technologies tube systems provide an efficient, rapid and secure means of transporting various items such as blood and tissue samples, medicines, X-ray films and documents from one department or ward to another, which allows a quicker turnaround, meaning that both patients and staff can quickly receive test results more quickly allowing for improved work flow and patient care.

AirTube Technologies are the UK sole distributor for Sumetzberger Sumetzberger